Hotel Chateau Court Date was 'Frustrating’, Official Says

More than 20 concerned residents showed up to Hotel Chateau’s court date Tuesday only for the owner to claim he never knew he was supposed to appear in court.

Although Hotel Chateau’s owner Jack Gore failed a string of building inspections and was contacted by the media for comments about his upcoming court date, he told officials he knew nothing of Tuesday’s court appearance and didn’t show.

The single room occupancy hotel at 3838 North Broadway has long been a North Side home to social service providers’ most difficult clients, causing problems in the neighborhood. A recent building inspection revealed a countless number of violations, sending the building’s owner to court to possibly close Chateau’s doors for good.

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Richard Thale, the chairman of the 19th Police District Court Advocacy Group, says there were more than 20 people who attended Gore’s scheduled court appearance, including a few residents of Hotel Chateau. And while the judge still heard from a few area officials, Gore did not.

“Basically nothing happened because they were not able to serve Jack Gore to call him to court,” Thale said. “They claimed that they were never served, that they never heard this case was even happening. You have to give (the court documents) to a specific person. You can’t just give it to an employer. It’s a little bit like playing the game, if that’s the correct phrase. Stalling, if that’s your way of putting it.”

“They claimed that they were never served, that they never heard this case was even happening..."

Thale said the judge recognized the number of concerned residents in the courtroom, so the day wasn’t a complete loss. In addition, Ald. James Cappleman (46th), Northalsted Business Alliance Executive Director Jay Lyon and a representative from neighboring restaurant Hearty Boys were able to speak to the judge about problems with Hotel Chateau.

However, while the judge listened to complaints, he was clear that Tuesday’s case was regarding building violations and that’s what he would base his verdict on. Thale said with similar cases regarding building violations, owners take this time to correct the issues.

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“It was frustrating for the people that were there, but I think their presence in front of the judge was worth their trip down (to the courthouse),” Thale said.

Thale also noted that it was interesting to see one observer in the crowd Tuesday. He said one of Gore’s former attorney’s oddly showed up late and sat in on the court case with the crowd of concerned neighbors.

The city attorney addressed residents’ concerns in the hallway after the court case. They, along with anyone else, are encourage to attend Hotel Chateau’s next court date about the incident on Dec. 4 at 9:30 a.m. where Gore should be present.

Anyone interested in attending next months’ court date to show their support can RSVP and receive more information by contacting the 19th District CAPS office at 312-742-8770 or the Alderman's office at 773-878-4646. 

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